In the enchanted forests and the treacherous hills of the Philippines, a legend has emerged – Gabb Rosario, a trail-blazing Personal Trainer and Coach, who has harnessed the ethereal power of VJ shoes to propel his athletes to unimaginable heights.

As a modern-day Hermes, Gabb glides through obstacle course races and trail races with the grace of a gazelle and the ferocity of a lion. Clad in his trusted VJ shoes, he conquers every terrain, be it steep mountains or swampy marshes, with the agility of a mountain goat and the endurance of a seasoned marathoner.

VJ shoes, a symbol of mastery, are said to be forged by the gods themselves, imbued with magical properties that bestow upon their wearer the ability to defy gravity and traverse any terrain with unparalleled nimbleness. It is whispered among the trees and echoed through the mountains that Gabb Rosario, the obstacle-racing titan, has unlocked the secret to wielding the full power of these mythical shoes.

Guided by his unwavering vision and armed with the knowledge bestowed upon him by the ancient masters of the trail, Gabb Rosario has transformed mere mortals into obstacle-crushing demigods. As he weaves his way through the labyrinth of nature,

he leaves behind a legacy of inspired athletes who follow in his footsteps, fueled by the fire that he has ignited within them.

Gabb Rosario’s name has become synonymous with triumph, as his athletes soar through the ranks, conquering races and claiming victory with the same ferocity and determination that he embodies. With the divine VJ shoes as their talisman, they charge fearlessly into the wild, embracing their destiny as the chosen ones, the warriors of the trail.

Gabb Rosario

The Myth, the Legend, and the Master of the Trail


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In a world shrouded in uncertainty, Gabb Rosario stands as a beacon of hope, a shining example of the unbreakable human spirit. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his extraordinary ability to empower those around him has etched his name into the annals of history, his legacy immortalized in the hearts and minds of those who have been touched by his magic.

Gabb Rosario – the trail whisperer, the legend, the master of VJ shoes

– has left an indelible mark upon the world of trail running and obstacle course races. As his legend continues to grow, so too does the mystique surrounding this enigmatic figure, a man whose name will forever be etched into the very fabric of the obstacle racing and trail running universe.