Prepare to be captivated by the inspiring journey of Melissa Campos, a fearless Obstacle Course Racer and Trail Runner hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of the Philippines. Her story is a testament to the unwavering spirit of a true champion.

Mel’s ascent in the world of OCR began on a fateful day, October 9, 2021, when she fearlessly took on the Spartan Race Sprint. Registering under the elite category, she was driven by an insatiable desire to gauge her level of fitness at the time. Little did she know that this event would mark the genesis of an extraordinary journey.

With sheer determination and an unyielding spirit

Mel embarked on a mission to represent her nation on the grandest stages of Obstacle Sports. The following year, she ventured into the qualifying races, vying for a coveted spot in the Philippine National Team.

Through relentless hard work and unyielding perseverance, she emerged triumphant, signing a prestigious contract as a National Athlete in July 2022.

Since then, Mel has fearlessly donned the national colors, carrying the Philippine flag with pride and resilience. Her journey has taken her across borders, as she fearlessly battled it out in international Obstacle Course Races (OCR) held in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Abu Dhabi. With each race, she etched her name into the annals of OCR history, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring achievements in her wake.

In recent times, Mel’s prowess has reached new heights. She claimed an impressive 4th place, followed by a remarkable 3rd place in the fiercely competitive Spartan 3km Elite National Series. But her journey is far from over. The upcoming final leg in November will serve as the ultimate test, determining her qualification for the World Championship in December, set to unfold in the majestic landscapes of Abu Dhabi.

Throughout this extraordinary journey of surpassing her limits and conquering the unknown

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Melissa Campos

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As Mel Campos continues her awe-inspiring journey towards greatness

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