Meet Rhys Pawid, a remarkable athlete, ready to take the trail running world by storm. As a former cadet of the prestigious Philippine National Police Academy, Rhys has always been immersed in physical activity, shaping his unwavering physical and mental endurance.

After graduating in 2017, Rhys experienced a temporary lull in his active lifestyle. To reignite his passion, he turned to mountain biking and joined road fun runs, primarily for fitness and leisure purposes.

In 2019, a thrilling opportunity arose for Rhys when he received an invitation to participate in the The North Face 100 (TNF100) (50km category). With only one week’s notice, he bravely tackled his first trail run and ultra race. Though humbled by the demanding course, he persevered and crossed the finish line, captivated by the majestic mountains that surrounded him.

This transformative experience ignited a fervor within Rhys, leading him to participate in numerous trail races whenever possible. Despite occasionally finishing just before cut-off times, the exhilaration and sense of adventure remained his constant companions.

Then, the pandemic arrived, altering Rhys’s perspective on running. He dedicated himself to rigorous training, delving into the intricacies of trail running and ultras. In this process, he fell deeply in love with the sport—embracing the pain, pushing his limits, and finding unparalleled fulfillment.

Today, Rhys stands proudly as a podium regular, consistently securing remarkable achievements in his races. Notable triumphs include the

  • VJ100 (Champion)
  • Bontoc Mountain Marathon National Championships (Champion Open Category, and 4th Overall)
  • The King of the Mountain 2023 (K400) series overall champion
  • Mount Ugo Marathon (42km) (1st Runner-up)
  • Four Lakes 100 (100km) (Champion)
  • Pulag 100 (120km) (Champion)
  • Hardcore 100 Miles (Champion)

He also holds the current Backyard Ultra Philippine National Record.

Rhys Pawid

Conquering Trails, Chasing Victories

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Join Rhys Pawid on his remarkable journey as he continues to push boundaries, exceed expectations, and inspire aspiring athletes around the world.

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